What is Clarity Online?

Clarity Online is a virtual portal to connect with our brick and mortar Clarity Fitness studio in the heart of Downtown Decatur Georgia! We are Georgia’s first fat positive, weight inclusive, and eating disorder informed fitness studio serving a community of people who want to engage in fitness in an empowering and sustainable way.

Clarity’s mission online and in person is to facilitate joyful movement in a safe space, so that people can see that they are enough. We want to remind every person in the fitness space that weight lost does not equal health gained. Regardless of body shape, size, ability, or health status, you are a human being and deserve dignity, respect, and supportive opportunities to move your body (if you so choose) on your own terms.

Each of our virtual workouts is geared toward being accessible, offering multiple versions of every movement, and encouraging you to do what feels good to you on any given day. We feature different Clarity trainers, community partners, physical therapists, and a wide variety of movement styles to help you explore and play!

We recommend trying out 3 different workout videos to see which teacher, movement style, and timeframe resonates most for you. We hope you love Clarity Online as much as we love you! :)

If you, or someone you know, has been harmed by diet culture, the fitness industry, or disordered eating or exercise, please contact us at info@clarityfitness.com for resources for support.

To learn more about Clarity Fitness, check out our Vivid Vision at this link.

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